Functional Exam Qualifying Questions

Functional Exam Qualifying Questions

Please fill out this questionnaire and be as accurate as possible with your answers.

For Adrenals Screening

For Fatty Acid Screening

Oral pH Test

Muscle Test

For Mineral Balance Screening

Iron Test

For Endocrine Screening

For Immune & Allergy

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Nutrients are involved in the formation of every cell and the maintenance of every system in our bodies. To give you some perspective, the body needs more than 45 nutrients to function optimally and maintain good health.

We take pride in providing our patients with outstanding care in a warm, cozy, and inclusive environment. Our premises are designed to allow you to relax and feel at home while receiving treatment for your body and mind. Patients can enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea while they wait and mothers and babies have a friendly space for breastfeeding and changing.