Foot Detox Intake Form

Foot detox is completely non-invasive and safe for most. You may experience a slight tingling sensation in your feet during the session.

Please have a light snack before your foot detox to avoid feeling light-headed. Hypoglycemic clients need to eat before the treatment.

It is important to stay hydrated after your foot detox, as your body will continue to eliminate toxins after your foot bath is completed. You may experience tiredness due to the body’s needing time to recuperate after having toxins pulled out of your body. Inquiring about nutritional supplements and/or lifestyle modifications can help maximize the detoxification process and ensure optimal health goals are met.

Clients that are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, clients with pacemakers or electrical implants, irregular heartbeat, active chemotherapy treatment, and certain medications should consult their healthcare provider first. A release form must be signed and reviewed by our office before an initial foot detox is done.

Ionic Foot Detox Color Chart

Color of WaterArea of Body Detoxified
Red FlecksCellular debris, blood clots
BlueTissue and cellular debris from the lymph system
YellowDetoxifying from kidney, bladder, urinary tract, reproductive organs
GreenDetoxifying from gallbladder
OrangeDetoxifying from joints
BrownDetoxifying from the liver, pollutants, cellular debris
BlackDetoxifying from the liver, toxic chemicals
Black FlecksHeavy metals, strongly charged chemicals
Oil FloatingFat
White FoamMost likely yeast, candida, fungus, lymphatic drainage, mucus

Follow Up Questions Form

This form is used to get an update on how you are doing with the practitioner’s recommendation. Please fill out this questionnaire and be as accurate as possible with your answers.

Health Information

I certify that everything on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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