About Us

About J&J

At Johnson and Johnson Holistic Nutritional Therapy, we handle medical issues by identifying and eliminating the root cause, not considering emergency situations. This summarizes the traditional approach to medicine at J&J Holistic Nutritional Therapy. We treat symptoms by discerning the root cause and working to rectify that.

We Take Your Comfort Seriously

We take pride in providing our patients with outstanding care in a warm, cozy, and inclusive environment. Our premises are designed to allow you to relax and feel at home while receiving treatment for your body and mind. Patients can enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea while they wait and mothers and babies have a friendly space for breastfeeding and changing.

Here, we welcome who you are and treat you with natural care to reset your body back to its original state. We recognize that disease is complex, that’s why we focus on the concept of bio-individuality; where every individual has a specific genetic, ancestral, and geographic makeup that determines their own unique nutritional needs. Many nutrition programs fail because they take a “one size fits all” approach that ignores bio-individuality.

Our Mission

At J&J Holistic Nutritional Therapy, our mission is to help our esteemed clients achieve their best health in an environment that is understanding, compassionate, and supportive.

Our team of dedicated practitioners is experienced and dedicated to offering the most advanced and comprehensive solutions to all your health needs outside of an emergency.

We help our patients understand their unique symptoms and form a lasting partnership with them to eliminate the underlying cause of disease using safe, effective, and tailored treatment plans.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire, educate, and empower our clients to overcome illness and switch their focus to leading a healthier and rewarding lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Communication and Transparency
Honoring Individuality

Communication and Transparency

J&J Holistic Nutritional Therapy strives to communicate with clients, practitioners, and all stakeholders with the utmost transparency.

Transparency for us is speaking the truth at all times to all those who have a relationship with us. It also means we reach out to our clients in a bid to uplift individuals, especially in situations where transparent communication may be difficult to deliver or accept.


J&J Holistic Nutritional Therapy is always reliable. We always answer when you call upon us and accept responsibility for all the intentional and unintentional consequences of our actions. As a community guided by the spirit of transparency and honesty, we commit to being open and treat all our stakeholders with integrity.

Honoring Individuality

People are unique, and we treat them that way. We support every individual with targeted nutrition, not to mention love and compassion.

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